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Professional detection of gases since 1985
Geopal develops, produces, sells and service professional gas detectors and gas alarm systems for detection of virtually all gases, vapors and toxic fumes. We are dedicated to effective protection of a healthy and safe working environment, so that you and your colleagues can work safely and securely - every single day.
15 February 2024
SME of the Year - Director 2024
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14 February 2024
Are you missing the final piece in your safety puzzle?
No detail is insignificant when it comes to safety
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07 February 2024
Are You Exposed to Hazardous and Flammable Gases Every Day?
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29 January 2024
Sneak peek into our future home
Follow our journey toward our new workplace
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Gases and vapours

Why you should choose Geopal

Since 1985, Geopal System A/S has designed, produced and serviced alarm systems for professional detection of gases, vapours and toxic, fumes. Our wide product range is focused on efficient protection of the industrial work environment.

Optimal reliability and stability, along with continuity in our product programme, are primary objectives for development and production at Geopal. All our processes are ISO 9001:2015 certified, and we meet all requirements regarding documentation, registration and traceability. Geopal products are noted for their top quality standards. Several products have been 
approved by the Danish Institute of Fire Safety Technology (DBI) as well as TÜV, and have been ATEX-certified for production.
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