"We look after the hospital staff so they can look after us"

Date: 19 September 2019
Skejby Hospital's new MEG scanner uses liquid helium to cool the sensors to achieve sufficient sensitivity and functionality. In the case of helium leaks, Geopal monitors the premises and alerts the staff if oxygen levels should drop.
Skejby Hospital is well advanced in Denmark when it comes to treating patients with brain disorders. As the first in Denmark, Skejby Hospital has acquired a MEG scanner, which is a big step forward in relation to the possibility of researching brain functions and achieving breakthroughs in the treatment of patients with brain disorders.

The unique feature of the MEG scanner is that it is designed to detect the magnetic field around the head with a precision of about one millisecond, enabling it to measure the entire brain. But for this to be possible, the scanner's sensors must be kept cool - liquid helium is used here, which with temperatures down to -269 degrees Celsius ensures that the sensors' sensitivity and functionality are maintained.
“Helium expands about 750 times as it gases, and helium displaces oxygen. In the event of a helium leak, we monitor the area and make sure to alert the staff in case the oxygen level should drop. This way we take care of the hospital staff so that they can look after us”, says Christian Møller, CEO of Geopal System A/S.
Geopal System A/S develops and manufactures alarm systems for the detection of gases/fumes, carbon monoxide, oxygen and carbon dioxide for use in industry. Furthermore, they perform service and maintenance and are widely recognized for their high quality level.

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