Are your workplace safe?

Date: 27 April 2022
Is there gas detection in your parking garage? Or have you provided gas detection when working in the sewer or at the fertility clinic?
Gas detection is necessary in many places where there is a risk to personal safety and many do not think that there may be a risk of emissions of toxic gases or vapors in their workplace.
Just look at this list of areas that typically need gas detection:
• Cogeneration plant
• Biogas plant
• Truck charging rooms / battery charging stations / UPS systems
• Marine
• Cooling system
• Parking basements
• Treatment plants
• Construction sites
• Pipe and duct installation
• Educational institutions
• Medicoindustri-Laboratorierier
• Distilleries / breweries
• Energy companies
• Garage systems / car repair shops
• Hospitals
• Fertility clinics
• Cannabis laboratories
• Restaurant Kitchens / Hotels
• Container / Enclosed rooms / Boiler rooms
• Wastewater
• Sewage work
• Engineering courses
• Chemical storage
• Pumping stations
• Slaughterhouses
• Welding work
Is your workplace on this list? Contact us and we will make sure that you have the right setup so that both you and your colleagues can work safely and securely.

Also read about the different areas of application for gas detection here.

Would you like us to supply a professional gas alarm system and service for your business as well?

You are welcome to call +45 45 67 06 00 or write via our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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