Construction sites

The Geopal mobile gas alarm systems are produced in accordance to the customer requirements. Alternatively, they can be rented as needed. Please contact us at for more information.
Especially, the mobile gas alarm systems with construction site electrical switchboards are useful in areas where welding and hand tools are used. In case of gas leakage the supply to the electrical panel is disconnected and thus secured against gas explosion. The advantage is that ordinary hand tools can be used on site instead of ATEX approved equipment.
DONG in Vejen, Denmark uses GPB-02C mobile gas alarm systems with construction site electrical switchboard in connection with work at their MR-stations.

SHELL Refinery

At Shell's refinery in Fredericia they use large mobile plants. When the employees have to weld, they move around in the area and the environment in combination with the welding equipment can create dangerous situations.

But Geopal mobile systems monitor the work and ensure the employees wherever they are in the area. That way, the employees can feel safe - even when welding in EX areas.

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