Minor distilleries are popping up all over the country where spirits are produced on local Danish commodities.

Producing liquor it is important to protect employees from working in a potential explosive atmospheres from e.g. ethanol and possibility of increasing CO2 that displaces the content of oxygen acting suffocating.

Using an automatic gas alarm system from Geopal will secure the employees and visitors during the day.

Stauning Whisky

Geopal secures the employees at Stauning Whisky that is located close to the West coast of Denmark.

It all started in 2005 when 9 friends decided to make a Danish single malt whiskey. In 2015 they signed an agreement with Diageo and Distill Ventures, one of the world's largest producers of alcohol and they started the work of expanding Stauning Whiskey.

The "new" distillery is now completed and the automatic gas alarm system from Geopal secures efficient detection of Ethanole, Propane and CO2.

Nyborg Destilleri

Geopal System gas detectors monitor for Ethanole in one of the most beautiful distilleries - Nyborg Destilleri.

You will find the disillery in the DSB (Danishy Railway) former workshop for goods trains.

The old building is beautifully restored and will in addition to the distillery also be a restaurant, bar and shop.

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