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Detecting leaks on aerosol cans

Date: 11. december 2019
Together with one of the Danish aerosol can producers Geopal have developed a system for detecting leaks on aerosol cans.
Aerosols are used as propellent for spray cans and if the propellent is released e.g. due to leaks it can cause a fire and explosion hazards. Therefore it is necessary the aerosol cans pass a leak proofness test to ensure they are stored, transported and sold at minimal risk of causing injuries and damages.
In regulatory terms this means complying with EU transport regulations for dangerous goods (ADR 2011 for road) and Aerosol Dispensers Directive (75/324/EEC).
All aerosol cans should be tested to ensure that leakage does not exceed 2x10-3 mbar at 20°C. Each can is tested by placing a cup that covers the valve. This cup is connected to the gas detector through a hose and a pump that insures a flow of 0,1 l/sec.
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