Detection of explosive gases

Date: 12 January 2023
.. directly on a ventilation pipe.

On a harbor oil terminal in Jutland, they are storing oil and gasoline. This makes the workplace at risk of fire and explosion!

To be able to detect a leakage of flammable hydrocarbons on a return pipe our service engineer Torben Sibbern has installed our very own Geopal GP-NOVA in bypass execution.
With this installation all the employees can have a safe working day - every single day!

Gas detection is necessary in many places where there is a risk to personal safety and many do not think that there may be a risk of emissions of toxic gases or vapors in their workplace. Are your workplace safe?

Are you working with oil or gasoline?
Contact us and we will make sure that you have the right setup so that both you and your colleagues can work safely.

Would you like us to supply a professional gas alarm system and service for your business as well?

You are welcome to call +45 45 67 06 00 or write via our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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