Forklift charging stations

Warehouses, freight terminals, production companies etc. use several electric forklifts during a working day. It requires a lot of energy and therefore the batteries must be recharged on a regular basis.
Often the charging takes place in a special charging area, where there is room for more electric forklifts at a time. In connection with charging, there is a risk that the hydrogen output from the charging area will be so high it will cause explosive fumes.
To minimize the risk of hydrogen concentration becoming too high, it is possible to use ventilation to solve the problem causing causes high energy costs. Alternatively, an automatic gas alarm system can be installed in the charging area. The ventilation is controlled and energy costs are saved.
DSV decided to install automatic gas alarm systems in several of their charging areas. In case of more than 5 % LEL hydrogen the automatic gas alarm system is activated. At 25% LEL the power supply will be disconnected, immediately and the battery charge stops.
By installation of the automatic gas alarm system DSV has minimized ventilation costs, which gives a saving of at least 50,000 kWh per year. In addition, energy is saved by the fact that the heat from the charging areas is recycled and not sent out in the open air.
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