Geopal GJ-EX 150 gas detector

GJ-EX 150
Geopal detector GJ-EX 150 is an explosion-proof detector certified for use in zone 1.

GJ-EX 150 is made of robust materials for use in aggressive environments and can be fitted with different sensors according to the target gas.

For use at temperatures between 100 oC and 150 oC.

Fits GJD-02C, GJD-04C, GJ-03R, GP-SA-2, GJD-L3C and GP-AMP.

Detectors for alarm monitors
Detector GJ-EX 150 for pipe and duct mounting
Gas alarm monitor
GJD-L3C for 1 detector
Gas alarm monitor
GJD-02C for 1 detector
Gas alarm monitor
GJD-04C for 2 detectors
Gas alarm monitor GJ-03R for 3 or more detectors
Gas alarm monitor
GP-SA-2 for 1 detector
aplifier modul
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