Geopal GP-NOVA Stand-Alone gas detector

The GP-NOVA stand-alone ATEX gas detector is designed to provide safety and reliability, along with convenience in maintenance and service.

With help of multi-lingual OLED display, it is easy to read screen, and optical buttons makes it easy to navigate through detector’s menu. Adaptable with variety of sensor technologies for different target gases.

Gas detector can be Monitored and adjusted easily through Geopal mobile app with Bluetooth connection

Clear visibility in any environment and Optical touch buttons
The GP-NOVA is equipped With a Bright, clear, and large field of view OLED, and observable from a distance of 20 m, status LED bars. The status light bars employ a variety of colors and lighting methods in such a way that the status of the system is understandable to people with decreased ability to see colors. Smooth and stable interface and navigation in detector’s menu, without the need of a magnetic wand, is provided via optical touch buttons. 

Compatible with different sensor technologies and target gases
Thanks to the flexible design of the gas detector’s enclosure, it is possible to detect various gases using wide range of sensor technologies. The remote detector variant can be remotely mounted via an extension cable, tailored to suit your gas detection needs.
Mobile App with Bluetooth Communication
With help of Geopal App and Bluetooth wireless technology, real-time reading, configuring, and sending data via mobile devices are available. Reduces maintenance time, effort, and cost.

Find the Geopal App on Apple Store and in Google Play.
Data and events saver
The gas detector can store Time-stamped measured gas concentration and up to 2000 events of the system 24/7 365 on a microSD card. Data can either be studied via plots on a mobile device or sent to an email for further analysis.

Analog and Digital outputs
GP-NOVA provides multiple options to control and monitor the detector’s status from the control room. Configurable galvanically isolated 4-20 mA current loop, and RS-485 Modbus RTU Digital output, in combination with Energized or de-energized outputs from Alarms and fault relays to activate actuators, are some available options.
GP-NOVA is designed to achieve a SIL 2 rating according to IEC 61508 and performance dictated by EN 60079-29-1.
GP-NOVA introduction

GP-NOVA and Geopal App

GP-NOVA Guide: Changing Alarm Settings
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