Gas detector with PID sensor

Date: 19 May 2022
Our experienced production team has been working on our gas detector GP-NOVA, which has been customized to meet the need of one of our customers, a Danish dairy company.
The team has added PID sensors, which detect low concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). In this case for diethyl ether.

Diethyl ether is a colorless liquid that has a boiling point at 34.6 ° C and is easily recognizable due to its sweet and penetrating odor. Diethyl ether, like other ethers, is highly flammable! Therefore, our GP-NOVA is combined with a PID sensor, so that the gas detector is 100% adapted to the customer's needs and thus can detect for the harmful liquid and create a safe and secure workplace.

Because we have our own production, our production team can quickly customize or manufacture a product for you and your company.

Our production team:

• develops and produces our own gas alarm monitors and gas detectors
• has an in-depth knowledge of the products
• can quickly adapt or manufacture a product when an urgent need arises
• handles everything from assembly, testing and calibration of gas detectors and control panels as well as complex customer-specific adjustments

and we also have gas alarm monitors, gas detectors and calibration gases as well as associated spare parts in stock for fast delivery.

So if you are missing components or in need of a specific and customized product, please contact us.

Whatever you need, our production team is ready!

Would you like us to supply a professional gas alarm system and service for your business as well?

You are welcome to call +45 45 67 06 00 or write via our contact page.

We look forward to hearing from you.
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