GEOPAL gas detector and alarm systems

Secure the highest possible safety for you and those around you with a professional GEOPAL gas detector.
We have a broad variety of industrial gas detectors for detection of explosive and toxic gases, vapours and fumes and you will always find the optimal solution for your needs.
We always strive to meet your demands, and you are welcome to contact us with your special request or any questions you may have.
Call +45 45 67 06 00 or fill out our contact form, and we will return with professional advice, product details and knowledge of the advantages of installing a gas detector.

GEOPAL stand alone gas detectors

Our professional stand alone detectors are equipped with an integrated micro processor that continuously monitors the concentration of gas. In case of either low or high alarm as well as by fault events the monitor will release an alarm signal.
For instance we have developed the GEOPAL GP-SA that measures methane, propane and carbon monoxide amongst others with fast reaction time.
With this solution you are guaranteed the optimal safety in your working environment.

GEOPAL alarm monitor for gas detector connection

The function of the GEOPAL alarm monitor is to receive and process signals from the connected gas detectors and give you notice or an alarm signal.
You can control all extern functions such as ventilation and disconnection of the power via the relay.
In our broad product range you find alarm monitors where you can connect virtually as many detectors you need.
Feel free to contact us with your special request by calling +45 45 67 06 00 or by filling out our contact form. We are looking forward to finding the optimal gas detection system for your need. 
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