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Is your EX equipment installed properly?

Date: 25. januar 2019
As a manufacturer and supplier of EX approved gas detectors, we see many EX installations that are not expediently carried out.

We experience screw connections and blind plugs that have a different enclosure class than the EX detector, or wrong cables are used. Unfortunately, it is also not uncommon to see intrinsically safe material without a barrier.

Geopal always delivers screw connections, blind plugs and barrier to our EX equipment, to be sure that the components fit together and have the same enclosure class.

Performing electrical installations in hazardous areas must be carried out in accordance with EN 60079-14, 2014 and require absolutely basic knowledge of ATEX / IECEx.

Get more information of the Geopal detectors for EX areas at our homepage or contact us at +45 45 67 06 00.
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