Geopal System has a product range designed for the marine market, CE compliant and in accordance with MED directive 961981.
Gas detection is very important in the maritime transport industry, due to closed watertight environments such as machine rooms and various freight storages and gas tanks. These applications go for long periods of time without ventilation and are likely to contain potentially toxic or explosive gases.

Effective oxygen detection is critical in confined spaces. The lack of oxygen aboard a ship normally occurs due to oxygen enrichment (rust), organic oxygen consumption (grain transport) or the displacement of gas by other gases (inert gases aboard oil tankers).

Explosive and toxic gases come from the metabolism of mold - CO2 detection in ballast tanks, explosive hydrocarbon vapors issued from the burning of fuel (machine rooms), hydrogen (battery-charging rooms), ammonia or freon (cold rooms), H2S (wastewater) etc. Additionally, risks related to gas mixtures are always possible, and a continuous and simultaneous gas detection system should be implemented for any Work being carried out aboard the ship.

Vibration test is made according to IACS E10, test no. 7, IEC 60092-504, test no. 10, IEC 60945, clause 8.7. The test is performed on 3 axes each in 2 resonance points with a duration of 2 hours each,total time is 12 hours. The system is in full function and 8 detectors is in normal operation and 1 detector is in alarm mode.

All alarm out-puts are logged under the complete test to make sure that no false alarms are activated.

See video from Geopal marine approval test

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Geopal gas detectors monitor one of the largest factory trawlers in the world
The vessel NAVIGATOR is one of the largest factory trawlers in the world and can produce 1,5 MW of cooling capacity.

Geopal System A/S detectors are used to monitor the various compressors and systems. The system ensures the health and safety of the crew and protection of the environment.

Due to the vast demand for cooling the vessel carries up to 9 tons of ammonia so safe monitoring and rapid response in case of leaks is of great importance.
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