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Very often laboratories and research environments use various types of solvents and gases that cause hazardous and explosive gases by evaporation and chemical reactions.
Installation of gas detectors will minimize the risk of dangerous situations.
Typically, liquid nitrogen is used when research processes require fast cooling and freezing. The Nitrogen is not toxic itself, but a high concentration of nitrogen in breathing air displaces the oxygen. Usually, the oxygen level is 20.9 Vol.-% in fresh air, but already at approx. 16,0 Vol.-% of oxygen the judgment power is influenced.

European Sperm Bank

When sperm is frozen it is storaged in large tanks of liquid nitrogen. At European Sperm Bank Oxygen alarms from Geopal ensure the employees in case of oxygen level becomes too low.

"As we work with liquid nitrogen on a daily basis it is our top priority to ensure a safe working environment for our employees. Geopal System supplied both information and service which was top notch which confirms the fact we have made the right choise in Geopal System." (Nicki Bille, European Sperm Bank).

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