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Now with SIL2 certification

Date: 14. september 2020

Good enough is never good enough

For decades, GEOPAL® has been producing gas detectors with a high level of quality compared to other suppliers' products. It is in our DNA all the time we want to be even better.
Therefore, we decided to get SIL2-certified our new and most advanced gas detector, which allows Bluetooth connectivity via an associated app, so you can get in touch with the detector, read the data log and calibrate it using your smartphone.
Of course, this is not something you "just do", so we have spent a lot of resources - both human and financial - on preparing the whole organization for the changed processes needed to achieve a SIL2 certification and live up to the new stricter requirements. The certification includes not only the product itself, but also all processes around it: Production, purchasing, documentation, service, ongoing upgrades and customer management.
In fact, we have already had the new detector's hardware and software approved by the world's leading certification company, Exida, but the final formalities will probably not be in place until the beginning of 2021.
SIL2 commits us every day throughout the product lifetime
Every GEOPAL system must be continuously optimized to protect companies, people and the environment from dangerous gases and vapors.
But with a SIL2 certification, the requirements are extra high, and e.g. every single part of the detector must be traceable, so that we can recall all units sold and installed if even the smallest error should occur in a range of products. It requires a complex setup that can handle all kinds of faults and communicate with the systems for purchasing, production, serial numbering, sales, service and setup.
So SIL2 is certainly not just a sticker we put on the finished product: It is an approval that commits us to extra care, documentation and upgrades well into the future.
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14 September 2020
Now with SIL2 certification
Good enough is never good enough
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