Power plants

Many transformer stations contain SF6 gas to increase reliability and safety.
However, it is important that the gas does not leak into the atmosphere, as the SF6 is an extremely potent greenhouse gas.
The energy companies and authorities have maximum focus on avoiding leaks from the transformer stations where the coupling plants are encapsulated with SF6 gas.
In connection with maintenance of the plants, it might be necessary to drain the gas - and refill it.
The safety for the employees must be ensured optimally and this is done efficiently by continuous monitoring of any leakage.
Geopal system has developed the GP-SA-IR detector for detection of SF6 gas.
GP-SA-IR continuously monitors if there is a SF6 leak. The infrared sensor used does not respond to changes in air humidity and has low or no cross-sensitivity to common hydrocarbons, methane, propane, ethane, etc.

Hillerød Kraftvarmeværk

The plant is a stylish power plant located at Hillerød in Denmark. The production facility is 77 MW. The operator is Hillerød Forsyning. Geopal detects for Methane.

Svanemølle Værket, gas-fired heat and power plant

Geopal System has supplied AGA systems for Svanemølle Værket CHP Plant on a number of occasions, most recently a large rack with a gas monitoring system for the detection of methane – in connection with the installation of boilers 21 and 22.

Haderslev CHP Plant

The process of waste incineration at Haderslev CHP Plant involves flammable gases and consequently a certain risk of explosions. The AGA system is continuously monitoring the concentration of methane at Haderslev CHP Plant.

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