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Sperm and security

Date: 14. januar 2019
For the purpose of preservation and storage of sperm, samples are stored in thin tubes, sealed at each end.

These tubes are then placed in liquid nitrogen filled tanks and stored there until needed.

At European Sperm Bank, low oxygen alarm monitoring ensures employees’ safety in the event of a nitrogen leak. There will always be a risk involved when working with liquid nitrogen, therefore safety is a high priority.

Nicki Bille from European Sperm Bank commented;
In connection with the relocation of our Cryologistics department we were required to install new gas detection equipment. Because we work with liquid nitrogen on a daily basis, it is our top priority to ensure a safe working environment for our employees. Geopal System delivered both information and service, which was top notch, this confirming the fact that we feel we have made the right choice in Geopal System.
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14 January 2019
Sperm and security
Geopal alarm monitoring ensures employees safety in the event of a nitrogen leak at European Sperm Bank.
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