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Date: 19. august 2020

EuRefa does not compromise on quality

The industrial refrigeration company EuRefa was founded in 2011 by Henrik Storm. The idea was - and still is - that an independent refrigeration company can combine the best products from Danish- and foreign manufacturers and deliver exactly the solution a customer needs. The concept held, and today EuRefa has refrigeration, freezing and comfort facilities in countless hospitals, shopping centres, office buildings, industrial-, pharmaceutical- and food companies not to forget Copenhagen Airport.

Before meeting with Henrik Storm, we just manage to catch Per Pedersen, who is department manager at EuRefa Nord in Støvring. "We work with Europe's most skilled manufacturers of cooling systems", says Per Pedersen, "but the gas detectors the systems are fitted with are often of poor quality. They are then constantly replaced with Geopal gas detectors, because they just work and their prices are reasonable. "

EuRefa often experiences problems with standard-fitted detectors, confirms director Henrik Storm: "There are rarely problems with Danish-produced systems, but we often experience that even the most competent suppliers in Italy and Germany equip their cooling systems with detectors of poor quality. We have experienced detectors that failed after only a few weeks, and neither we nor our customers can live with that in environments where there is a need for constant monitoring of toxic and flammable gases such as ammonia, HFO R1234ze, propane and CO2. We switch to Geopal every time another detector dies."

"In addition to the quality of the detectors, Geopal's service department is also a plus," continues Henrik Storm. "They always find a solution, and they schedule themselves when it's time for service inspection. I like that they are proactive, because then Per and I do not have to keep an eye on that part - we have plenty of other things to do", he concludes with a smile.

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Switch to Geopal because it lasts!
EuRefa does not compromise on quality
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