Underground parking

Carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide NOx and petrol (gasoline) vapours (Hydrocarbons) are poisonous gases that occur in underground parking areas, garages for car repair, and other places where combustion engines are involved. The obvious risk of a hazardous atmosphere necessitates a gas detection system and efficient ventilation. The gas detectors activate the ventilation system in case the concentration of hazardous vapours gets too high. The CO and NOx detectors are placed in breathing height and the hydrocarbons sensors are placed approx. 15 cm above floor level.
Geopal System A/S has supplied different solutions for detection of toxic gasses in underground parking areas. Below you will find a few of our references.
Example of solution with MODBUS with detectors type GP-BUS and GP-CU
Example of solution with serial connected detectors type GP-SA and GP-SB for CO, NOx and HC (LEL)

Kvæsthusbroen, Sankt Annæ Plads in Copenhagen City

The new underground parking are below Kvæsthusmolen at the end of Sankt Annæ Plads in Copenhagen City has 3 levels and space for 500 cars

Detectors mounted with hidden cabling.

Detection of CO, NO2 and Hexane.

The gas detectors activate the ventilation system in case the concentration of hazardous vapours gets too high.


Fully automated underground parking facilities in Copenhagen

The first fully automated underground parking facility in Copenhagen is located at Nørre Allé. Similar facilities are built in Copenhagen at Leifsgade (Islands Brygge) and Under Elmene (Amagerbro).
When the car is driven into one of the two lifts, the car is registered by a payment card. A shuttle car places the car in a free space on one of the four shelves under the ground.
Geopal has installed gas alarm systems for detecting of CO, NO2 and Hexan in all 3 underground parking facilities. The Geopal gas alarm system activates the ventilation system in case the concentration of the hazardous vapours becomes too high.
The video shows a visit in the underground parking at Nørre Allé.

Tuborg Syd Waterfront

A relevant example is found at Tuborg Havnepark, where Tuborg Syd Waterfront, a new 16,000 m2 shopping mall, has a two-level underground carpark. Here, Geopal has supplied the gas detection system that will monitor carbon monoxide (CO) and petrol (gasoline) vapours (Hydrocarbons) in the underground parking area.

The basement carpark is divided into two ventilation zones at each level to ensure optimal use of the ventilators. A total of 96 GP-SA gas detectors with integrated microprocessor have been installed throughout the underground parking area.
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