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        Strong collaboration with NH3 Solutions
        Watch Leif ascend..
        April Fool!
        New Gas Detector: FartAlarm!
        When rotten eggs become warning signs..
        Introducing The Wall Mounting Kit
        Are you aware of the potential risks if your gas alarm system is not properly maintained?
        Cooking with Gas
        SME of the Year - Director 2024
        Are you missing the final piece in your safety puzzle?
        Are You Exposed to Hazardous and Flammable Gases Every Day?
        Sneak peek into our future home
        Workplace Safety in 2024
        Proud to be sponsor
        Happy Holidays!
        2023 in Review
        Welcome Jan and Michael!
        Printing Jet Wash Protection Covers
        Good morning!
        Gas Detector Caught In The Hay
        Service Technicians' Status Meeting
        Throwback to the A+A fair
        Office Makeover Update
        R.I.P. 29-Year-Old Rack
        Parking Puzzle
        Taking Safety to the Next Level
        Thank you for visiting us at A+A!
        Happy Halloween!
        Day 1 at A+A
        Countdown to A+A!
        Real-time data, real-world solutions
        Annual service inspection
        What's happening behind the scenes at Geopal this week?
        Transform your smartphone
        Our Safety Guardians: Jan and Lars
        See you at A+A!
        Running, cheerleading and team spirit
        Celebrating our Furry Friends!
        Ensuring Accurate Gas Detector Measurements
        8 gas alarms ready in no time
        Curious why our service technician Dennis has crawled under a cabinet?
        How detecting ammonia leaks can become effortless
        From waste to fuel
        Testing Jet Wash Protection Covers!
        Say hello to Biker-Leif!
        At Geopal, we are dedicated to keep workplaces safe
        G'day mate!
        New Bluetooth module
        Customized solution for a short-term project only?
        Meet Denmark's 5-star service technician
        Annual service inspection
        We are watching you when you are shopping
        Is your gas detector working as intended?
        Meet our service technician and supermodel Sebastian!
        3D print for gas detectors!
        Look what we found in an old boiler room
        Is your A/C working overtime?
        Meet Geopal's very own Brummie!
        80,000 square meters covered by Geopal
        Explosive knowledge boost!
        Is your car in danger of exploding?
        Say hello to Lasse!
        We got the keys!
        Geopal is for sale!
        Cold as ice
        The everyday life of service technicians
        Geopal's very own Wilson Kipketer
        Happy Easter!
        Meet Jan the Man!
        Course in GP-NOVA
        Employee story
        An unusual service inspection
        Visiting customers..
        Gas detection in a server room
        We welcome Gustav!
        A power plant of ice and fire
        Service visit under the tower
        We are expanding our production
        New office
        Laser tag and underground dining!
        Service visit to a distillery
        GP-NOVA has traveled to New Zealand
        Do you comply with all requirements and regulations?
        What is our service technician doing?
        Detection of explosive gases
        MODBUS course
        Are you ready for 2023?
        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
        Annual service inspection in an underground parking facility
        2022 in review
        GP-NOVA saves the day
        We look after those who look after the future!
        EX Forum 2022
        Service technicians in disguise
        Movember Challenge
        Four different exhibitions
        Are you in the hydrogen and fuel cell sector?
        Ready for Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe
        Geopal in Germany
        We are live at Chillventa!
        Ready for Chillventa!
        We are live at Nordic Biogas Conference!
        Meet us in Sweden
        We are going to Sweden and Germany!
        Gas detectors from the sewers
        What a view!
        Gas alarms for refrigerating systems
        GP-NOVA is the star of the day
        Annual service inspection
        Grillin & Chillin with Geopal
        Geopal R&D engineer wins this year's Elektropris!
        GP-NOVA video guide: Changing Alarm Settings
        Gas detector with PID sensor
        Is there a risk of gas explosion at your workplace?
        Explosion hazard in fully automatic parking systems
        Is your workplace safe?
        Time to listen and smile!
        Geopal design, develop and manufacture gas alarm systems
        An antique gas alarm monitor
        Video guide: GP-NOVA and Geopal App
        Christian Møller visits OBW Technologies
        Geopal at the race tracks
        Power-to-X: The technology of the future - but is it safe?
        GJD-L3C - the alarm monitor against ammonia
        Is renewable energy dangerous?
        Gas detection at a distillery
        What do you get when you mix Nitrogen (N) with Hydrogen (H)?
        Toxic gases in parking garages
        Great teamwork at Geopal!
        GP-NOVA goes to Australia!
        Great experience at the Hydrogen Technology EXPO!
        Geopal takes the con!
        Geopal participates in Hydrogen Technology EXPO
        We welcome Jacqueline Carlsson to our marketing team
        Geopal at Grønne Gasdage 2021
        Geopal at DHL 2021
        Geopal is proud to introduce GP-NOVA
        We welcome Javad Ganjipour to our production team
        We welcome Mollie Møller to our production team
        We welcome Leif Andersson to our service team
        We welcome Lasse to our service team
        Now with SIL2 certification
        Geopal opens new branch office in Vejle
        Welcome back Dennis Bjerg Kragelund
        Switch to Geopal because it lasts!
        More than 160 detectors monitor B310 at DTU
        Mobile safety used in construction sites
        For a safe research environment
        Denmark is definitely not closing down!
        Service has never been more important!
        Welcome to Christian Middelbo
        We strive to do our best every single day
        Detecting leaks on aerosol cans
        Safety on board
        Specially trained technicians
        Security in focus at education facilities
        "We look after the hospital staff so they can look after us"
        Hydrogen sulphide - the silent killer
        Self-calibrating CO2 detectors gamble with safety
        Geopal is proud to introduce GP-NOVA
        Upgrading the Geopal GJD-L3C gas alarm monitor
        Reliable gas detection in underground parking
        Medical cannabis
        Geopal strengthens the sales department
        Particle Therapy and explosive gases
        Is your EX equipment installed properly?
        Sperm and security
        New colleague in Geopal service department
        Maintenance must be a priority
        New slim CO2 detector
        Thank you for your visit at Chillventa
        Looking for another service engineer
        Welcome to Chillventa 2018
        Visit Geopal at Chillventa 2018
        Geopal at Chillventa 2018
        Kalundborg Biogasanlæg
        The new FRC for U.S. Coast Guard
        Stauning Whisky
        Technical Sales Engineer
        Geopal secure people and equipment
        We welcome Torben to our service team
        We expand our service department
        Chiller and heat pump solutions
        Heat pump system at the cruise ports
        Detection of SF6
        Gas alarms for NH3 systems
        Customized solutions
        New service engineer
        Maintenance is important
        Save energy
        Are you safe in the Nordhavnstunnel?
        Detectors for pipe and duct mounting
        Geopal at Biogas 2020
        Biogas plants
        Whiskey, gin and rom
        Control of the ventilation system
        Geopal at the factory trawler NAVIGATOR
        Aalborg Street Food
        Your supplier of gas alarms
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